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Brave to Breathe

One-on-One ~ You & I ~ Three Months

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Hey...who am I speaking to? What does she need? What is the transition? Where will she get to?

This One's for the Mamas

This One's for the Mamas


My fellow Mama who feels like she's doing everything, but nothing.

Like you're showing up for it all, but not showing up for anything.

Who feels like she's drowning.

It's time to come up for air. It's time to breathe.

I’m not sure what kind of super human beings we’re trying to be, but I AM DONE failing at fitting into this unrealistic mould that we, as women, have shaped for ourselves. You feel me? 

Are you ready to step into YOUR version of what motherhood looks and feels like for YOU?


To be guided into EASE over OVERWHELM.

To create space to come back to yourself so you can be there for everything else; to step out of auto pilot and into becoming intentional about showing up on purpose for how you want to feel (because you GET to do that); to let go of

what's weighing you down, creating overwhelm, causing anxiety, draining your energy and wasting your time to make space for what's most important to you and grounding in the foundation of what you value most to stay true to yourself.

It's time to come up for some air, you know?

Step into your power, take back some control, find some ease & feel how you desire. Come back to yourSELF.

Annnnd BREATHE. That feels good right?

The investment in yourself & finding ease is $88

And offers value worth $388!

SELF: The Rituals > Your Starter Guide to Meditation, Journaling & Gratitude

Four Weekly Empowerment Coaching Emails with Guided Meditation & Journal Prompts

Daily Journal Template & Video Chat Community & Support

BONUS 'I AM Enough' Guided Meditation


At your own pace, with content you get to come back to and re-align in every new season of your mom life.

And, if you're still reading this, you NEED this. 

And I've got you. 

What fellow Mamas are saying....

"I came into this with expectations of myself. Almost as if I had to 'keep up' with where I thought everyone else was. But I'm learning to intentionally create space for myself, especially if life is crazy busy and I feel overwhelmed. Slowly, I'm letting go of things out of my control. Deep breaths. And loving myself and seeing my worth. Thanks for all you do for the women in our communities, Kim. You are one amazing woman!"                                               ~ Tiffany

"One thing I have realized is that I'm becoming very aware of how my time and energy is spent. Being more intentional and not worrying about the 'to-do' list. My mind is naturally shifting to becoming aware of how I can be intentional with this moment of time so that when I go to bed, I can reflect and realize that I've done enough. I am enough."                          ~ Tara

Helping You Create Space & Guiding You Home 1:1

I offer one-on-one, three-month mentorship to help guide you back home to yourself, into your life with intention and back to your purpose. This looks like exactly what you need, personalized, to make the shifts you need to make and inspired by guided meditation. 

Because the magic unfolds in the space you create >>> in the BE-ing, the awareness, the allowing and surrender ... not so much in all the DO-ing.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs wading deep and drowning in giving everything of themselves & losing all of themselves > with zero boundaries, saying yes to everything and everyone > doing all the things > forcing all the things, everything that isn't even aligned with why they started in the first place - just spinning in the chaos, lost. And,

it’s.eating.their.soulful.entrepreneur.hearts alive.⠀

Did you just take the biggest breath in when you read that?

Maybe say, ‘YES!’ out loud and then feel defeated when you exhaled? ⠀

Stop for just a minute. It’s ok to do that, in case you didn’t know. It's time to CREATE SPACE.

I had been giving and giving and giving in my work until I faced resistance to give anymore.
I had to step back, create space, say no to some stuff, cancel a couple of collaborations and let go of some pretty big things that didn’t feel aligned with my purpose to serve you. I had to STOP & BREATHE & GET CLEAR & SURRENDER.

And, THAT is when it all unfolded.⠀

In these three months together, one-on-one super personalized, massive shift mentorship, you're going to come back HOME to yourself, into your life with intention and bring clarity, re-alignment, fire and joy back to your work...

Remember that feeling?

Investment $864. Reach out to pay monthly $288 for three months.

"I still can't believe it all unfolded the way it did. What a gift. You are a gift, Kim. In less than two months you have helped me unlock doors that no therapist could. I'm so grateful for your guidance."

"I’m so ever freaking grateful that I messaged you. The universe is pushing in my face all the things I need to make this awesome shift. And I’m going to come out stronger and more clear than I’ve ever been in life, as to what matters, who matters. And where I need to put my energy. Thanks again for are a serious badass woman that I admire and adore."

What women are saying....

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