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Lately I've been breathing in deep appreciation inside moments of my life and the way I feel in this life.

And then I realized...

I created them. I created this.

With clarity and with great intention.


And THEN I realized that I get to

show you how to create this life,

feel how you desire to feel and be

in these moments that you get to breathe in deep appreciation for.


In five weeks, inside of this mastermind with focused teachings, you will move through the end of 2020 and into 2021 by choice, on purpose and empowered.


Because I get to live this life as I've created it (and continuously as I evolve and as the seasons change) by choices I've made along the way that align with what matters to make it all possible.


And because I get to, you get to.

I get to lead you into THIS LIFE - intentional, on purpose, connected!

Through this work to get clear, anchor it in, and show up for it, empowered.

the breakdown

Week 1

Arrive (where you are) +

Clear on Core Craved Feeling

Week 2

Cores Values (the essence of

you, what you show up for)

Week 3

Connected Self

(the roles that define you,

how you desire to feel in them

& becoming whole)

Week 4

Intentional Day/Month/Year

(finding your centre every day,

every month, for the year...

anchoring in to this life)

Week 5

Soul Work Integration +

Embodying THIS LIFE, empowered

the deets

Five weeks

11.24.2020 - 12.22.2020

Tuesdays at 10am (est)

Inside ZOOM for 60-90 minutes

what you receive

Focused coaching

Guided meditations

Recorded calls for forever access

Voxer community connection

Weekly soul work

Workbook to anchor it all in

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