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Sooooo, what if you showed up for yourself twice a month to begin to breathe and deepen your meditation practice? What if you held that space to be guided to come back to yourself and connect with and to breathe within the collective energy of your Sisters?

How amazing would that feel?!

Ok, trick question. I know it feels AMAZING because I have been honoured to guide a circle of women and witness them come into connection with themselves and one another for years.

Words from some of them....

"Circle is so magical."

"The shifts! The OMC sounds so exclusive. I'm honoured to be inside."


"This experience was so

EXACTLY what I needed."

"I can look back at how far I have come and feel grateful for the support of you and our Sisters in Circle, which has played a huge role in my growth."


"I remember that first breath in Circle.

It was so overwhelming, scary, beautiful. It seemed to go on forever!


The connection with the breath to the present moment is so powerful - it isn't before or after - its really the only true now - again and again.


I treasure my daily meditation and connection to my breath,

grounding in the moment."

"There are no words for the connection that is created in a beautiful

and sacred community like this"


"It's a lightness. Everything is lifted.

To think back to a time when I didn't experience this, and how heavy it felt."


"When you lead me or the group in meditation, I can get with my breath so much quicker than I can by myself. I'm in it faster. I'm here for it. I go  so much deeper. I just get so much more out of the experience."

"Connection. Powerful. Magic.

Soul Nourishment. Belonging.

Supported. Spacious. Ease. Grounded.

Aligned. Truth. Energy. Love."

Weekly Online Meditation Circles

This is a space you will crave.

THIS is a gift to yourself

and the collective.


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