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It's time, Sister. To do the damn thing that you've known for so long will change your life, but haven't known where to start. This is me, meeting you where you are, because I have been exactly here... not knowing how to just start.

Five years from that not knowing, I've got you.

I'm guiding you into that first breath and teaching you how to create your own meditation practice that you will crave showing up for every day.


What is the Portal ?

It is where you take your first breath.

It is the gateway to your lifelong practice.

It is 21 days in community within a Private Facebook Group.

It is where I show up and teach you the basics, techniques and tools.

It is where you breathe every day (some days, just one breath).

It is where you get to ask questions and share your journey for further support.

What you'll get within 21 Days

You will experience the shift from spiraling out to slowing in just one breath.

You will learn how to drop into the present moment.

You will find your center.

You will know how to re-calibrate to calm.

You will create the space for stillness.

You will find peace in the chaos.

You will harness the power of your breath.

You will ground in your new daily meditation practice.

You will  fall in love with and begin to crave this time for yourself everyday.

You will have forever access to everything that drops in the Portal.

Welcome to the Portal!

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