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You know something needs to shift and I know and trust it will rise with your breath, in that stillness.

Whatever comes up,

it's safe to surface here.

Where I lead you through breakthroughs, fully supported by a sisterhood ready to breathe

and rise with you.

Welcome to your new weekly meditation mastermind.

This Mastermind is an exclusive, soulful and sacred space for the Woman

who desires to breathe

into radical shifts.

It's a group of women who come together every week to expand and rise for themselves and one another.



Here's how it works...

~ Once a week we gather for 60 to 90 minute Mastermind Calls on Zoom for a minimum of three months

~ We open with an invitation to check in with yourself and with one another

~ And then sink into a guided meditation and hold space for free-write journaling

~ Each woman has an opportunity to share what comes up for her

~ Each woman supports and contributes to one another's growth and experiences powerful transformation

~ Connected for integration and in-real-time shifts and celebration between calls on WhatsApp



*** 3 x One-on-One Coaching Sessions for heightened self awareness and personal breakthroughs ***

Some Words from the Women Who Work with Kim

"Honestly, so powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Something I will remember for the rest of my life."

"You have been a true gift to me, Kim. What you do is so powerful.

THANK YOU for being part of my journey and guiding me."

"I felt a sense of being called to take ownership of my state of being. You have a strong sense of leadership,

yet projected in a gentle and caring way. You are truly authentic and professional, warm and spacious. Just writing this makes me feel more grounded!"

"So much love to you and all you do. You've been a big part of my journey."

Within the Mastermind you breathe into deep connection with yourself and within the energy and high-vibration of like-minded women. Women, like you, who bring their whole self, as they are, and their experience, as it is, into the Mastermind and contribute to the collective rising. 

THIS is your NEXT LEVEL brave. Let's breathe.

Welcome Home, Sister.

This price is for your three-month minimum within the Mastermind.

 And includes 3 x One-on-One Coaching Sessions (value $666USD).

(payment plans available)

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