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What if you BELONGED to a community of women holding space each

for themselves and for one another. Showing up to create real connection and

deepened integration and transformational growth with the support of one another?

Hey Sister,

I've been gathering a group of women for a few years now within my local community,

guiding them in meditation - A ritual that changed my life and that I was called to share.

This gathering is called Circle and its impact has deepened so much in the most beautiful way we crave between the times when we come together each month. The core of Circle has always

been and will always be CONNECTION... in a time we feel more disconnected than ever.

It's in Circle we show up as we are and we're held in a safe, supportive, loving and sacred space.

It's where we thrive... together where women are meant to thrive, in community.



This thing called Circle has evolved to what I could never have imagined,

but exactly what we've been yearning for.

Together, we have cultivated something so sacred that it's overflowed into something greater.



Welcome Sister, to the Connected COLLECTIVE

A container that holds space for the overflow of women

and the need for community and the deepening of connection.

A space to dive into life topics, a platform for me to coach you from,

share more resources, to lead you and to nurture you on another level,

an offering affordable and accessible to all women and where we

breathe, shift, heal, grow, dance to 90s hip hop and thrive together. 


This was created because of you & FOR you.

Within the Collective you will deepen the connection

to yourself and one another in community.

What is the Connected COLLECTIVE and Who is it for?

This is a sacred, safe, supportive and loving community of women ready to get brave enough to BE, ready to get brave enough to breathe and to show up for themselves, their lives and for one another. To hold each other accountable, create deep connection and friendship, to get empowered to shift and grow together. For you, who desires to be lead, with love, by your Sister (that's me) into a life with intention, invitation to pause, permission to BE. Who desires a deeper self awareness and acceptance and compassion. Who desires daily rituals and life tools to feel more grounded and centred. Who desires community, connection and belonging.

Here's How it Works:

You choose a membership subscription and you are welcomed into your new community -the Connected COLLECTIVE!

Here's What You Receive:

Monthly Coaching Topic

Weekly LIVE, in-real-time Coaching within community via Zoom breaking down the month's topic (they'll be recorded for you if you can't make it!)

Guided Meditations to Deepen into Monthly Topics

Text/Video Messaging for Connection and Integration between weekly coaching calls

Your Space in Circle within Local Community

First Word and Special Pricing for New & Upcoming Offers

Opportunity to Invest in One-to-One Coaching

Here's How You Receive:

By investing in your membership subscription, you've made a commitment to invest time and energy in yourself and by investing in the Connected Collective community coaching, you're committing to showing up and engaging within community to deepen the support for others and for yourself. 

the Connected COLLECTIVE

Where I'm In Heart and On Purpose for You.

Where You Belong.

Welcome Home

Kim xo

- Brené Brown

"We don't have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to."

Membership Subscriptions!

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