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"Sometimes, I imagine all of us sitting in some big circle somewhere, surrounded by red woods and candles, each with just the amount of space we need to share what's on our hearts, be witnessed, and remember how connected we are to one another."
- Lisa Olivera

Sacred Circle
is a beautifully, powerful
guided group meditation
and connection experience.

A community and a belonging.

Women have been gathering in this Circle for seven years in local wellness studios, at the lake or around the fire, but this tradition has been carried out for tens of thousands of years. Coming together in a safe, supportive and loving space.

You are welcome here.

We gather monthly from 7:30 to 9pm

on the first Friday at MFR Wellness
(3 King Street W, Forest)

The exchange is on a sliding scale

of $10 or $20 or $35.


Cash or Etransfer to

Words of Love

"There are no words for the connection

that is created in a beautiful and

sacred community like this."

"I want to let you know how amazing

I felt Sacred Circle is. I feel like I struggle

with feeling like I belong sometimes until

I really know people, but I felt so welcome

and no judgement. Everything felt so intentional and I can't get over how things have seemed to flow since then. I want you to know how much what you do matters.

I can't wait until next month!"

"The connection and energy of the collective

holding space is unlike anything!"

"When you lead me and the group in

meditation I can get with my breath

so much quicker than I can by myself.

I'm in it faster. I'm here for it.

I go so much deeper and just get

so much more out of the experience."

"The experience was

EXACTLY what I needed."

"I can look back at how far I've come,

and feel grateful for the support of Circle

that has played a huge role in my growth."

"I can't say enough about Sacred Circle.

A warm and safe space with beautiful souls."

"Words cannot describe the beauty of
other evening. The reminder to
pause, breathe and release.

It had been almost two years

since I gathered in person with Kim.

She has a gift. WE are a gift."

"As always, the energy that connects us

and the space we hold for one another

is almost everything. There's a knowing

that we've come into a safe and
space, free to speak and feel and breathe and relax and just be,
as we are in the moment."

"Thank you for the beautiful, welcoming

and nurturing experience. I will be back."

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