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My Story


Hey, Warrior. If you've come through the darkness of mental illness

and you're ready to rise, you've come to the right place. 

I know the strength you built to get to this place. I know because I came from a place where I wondered what I was even doing here at all to finding my own way through anxiety and depression and into love and light. 


My own strength to show up for myself and for my life has paved a path for you to walk with me, even on the hard days, we work together to build you a foundation of daily rituals and mindset for mental wellness and then move FULLY into your POWER to CREATE YOUR LIFE. 

Because I FEEL YOU in where you are right now. Stuck in the stories your mental UNwellness wrote for you. Too uncomfortable in the comfort of suffering and ready to make a commitment to change, to REWRITE those stories, but you feel lost in knowing where or how to start. Ya, I FEEL you.

I was there. So stuck. And one day, I opened my journal, put my pen to paper, took a deep breath

and asked myself, "What is standing in my way?" My pen moved, without hesitation, and I read the answer, "MYSELF".

And that was THE moment I made a choice to show up for myself, over and over and over again,

coming into my power to CREATE MY LIFE. And I'm here for you, to help you do the same. I've got you. 

Leading Meditation Circle within my local community creates a safe, supportive and loving space for women to

connect with themselves and with one another. It's where I share one of the most powerful this life tools that supports my

mental wellness, changed my life and that connected me to my true self, guiding me to my true purpose.

Holding space for the women in circle through the years and through my own growth is where

I naturally became someone who my fellow Warriors could turn to for guidance.

I believe that we CREATE our life and I'm insanely passionate about showing you HOW to SHOW UP for yourself

and how to LIVE your LIFE with intention and on purpose and FULLY supporting you along the way.

I believe in being human. I coach myself to show up every day and some days in every moment.

I've grown out of the darkness, from self sabotage to self love and in heart and on purpose and I'm here for you. 

Connect with Me

I've Got You.

Kim xo 

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