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​​I'm so grateful you found your way here!

I want this for you > The shift that these daily rituals will make

on you and your life, and you want it too. That's why you're here!  

You just don't know where to start. Well, I've got you. 

Meditation, Journaling and Gratitude have been catalysts for my wellbeing, for coming back to my true SELF and living my life on purpose. They are the foundation of all of my mentorship offerings for you.

I crave the space I hold daily for these rituals and the impact they

have on my life. When you consistently show up for them,

you will crave the space you hold for them and the impact.

 In this 30-minute video, I guide you through the how, when, where and why to meditate, put pen to paper and feel grateful, closing with a daily rituals practice for you to come back to as long you need.

SELF: The Foundation

1:1 / One-Hour Connection + Guidance + Support

• Creating & Holding Space to Connect & Check In with Your SELF

• Live 1:1 Guided Meditation + Free-Write Journaling Session

• Gaining Clarity & Setting Intention for How You WANT to Feel

• Laying Down a Foundation of Daily Rituals to Support Stepping Into How You WANT to Feel

*** Includes SELF: The Rituals (Your 'START HERE' Guide) ***

I see you

You're too tired of simply existing & ready to start showing up for yourself.

You're not sure where to start, how to start &

maybe, even, the thought of just starting feels overwhelming. 

Here's the thing... I've got you. I really do.

My own strength to show up has paved a path for YOU 

to Show up for Your SELF.


I'm going to hold space for you to connect with yourself and to check in with

how you're really feeling. Give you the permission you may need to feel how

you WANT to feel. Lead you in a 1:1 guided meditation and free-write journaling

session to gain clarity and set an intention for how you want to feel and lay down

the foundation you need to show up for the daily lifestyle rituals you need to feel

how you want to feel and begin to come into your authentic self,

empowered to live your life on purpose. Because you're worth it.


This, my fellow Warrior, is your first YES to YOU.

Because today, YOU show up for YOURSELF.

Gratitude from Warriors

"I had to say YES to myself. It was too disheartening not to.

Now I have the tools to not feel overwhelmed. Even taking just one breath brings me back down

and the journal prompts open my eyes to seeing that I have more positive things in my life than negative. 

You are so raw and so real and so easy to talk to. Thank you."

- Krystal M

"I finally decided I was done being stuck and staying in the dark. Enter Kim into my life,

to shift my thinking from victim to empowered and learning more every effing day."

- Heather P

Your Investment in Your SELF is $88  

From SIMPLY EXISTING to SHOWING UP intentionally.

You're Worth Showing Up For & I've got you.

Six Weeks to SELF - The Mentorship

1:1 Mentorship, Guiding You Into Alignment with Your True SELF & A Life on Purpose

For the Warrior Who:

... Has lost herself

... Doesn't know her worth is defined from within & that she is worthy of showing up for

... Thinks worse about herself than she would about anyone else

... Is stuck in BS stories holding her back

... Is ready to learn to love her whole self, with grace

... Lost sight of what matters most & is drained of giving time & energy to what doesn't

... Needs clarity on her purpose & to set realistic goals to step into it

I see you.

My own strength to show up has paved a path for you, to walk everyday, with me for six weeks with the tools, support, accountability, empowerment and love

Into Your SELF, to Create Your Reality. You're ready to do the work, and I'm right here with you.

You know, by now, I've Got You.

Here we go!

Guiding + Supporting + Empowering You in this

Meditation-Inspired 6-Week Deep Dive into Your SELF to Create Your Reality

*** Show Up for Your SELF 1:1 (top of page) is a pre-requisite to Six Weeks to SELF ***

>>> Week 1/6 • SELF Values & SELF Intentions <<<  

Intention Setting Aligned with Your Values 

>>> Week 2/6 • SELF Awareness <<< 

Finding Yourself, Owning Who You Are, Standing in Your Power.

>>> Week 3/6 • SELF Worth & Nurturing SELF Compassion <<< 

Knowing Your Worth. Honouring your Light and Your Dark, with Love and Grace.

>>> Week 4/6 • SELF Integration <<< 

Integrating Weeks 1-3 with Exclusive & Personalized Support.

>>> Week 5/6 • SELF Talk & SELF Beliefs <<< 

Transforming Negative Self Talk & Breaking Limiting Beliefs.

>>> Week 6/6 • SELF Boundaries & SELF Goals <<<

Creating Boundaries Around Your Values & SELF, Owning Your Time & Energy, Stepping into Your Power

>>> With your commitment to Daily Meditation, Journaling & Gratitude <<< 

Coming into Your True Self & Your Power to Create Your Life

Gratitude from Warriors

"I need to tell you how incredible of a woman you are!

Ah, I am so grateful that you have walked into my life with so much grace, love and peace.

Thank you for teaching and showing me how to show up for myself!!

- Hilary B

"I will always be so happy that I took that step to say yes. Thanks again for this beautiful gift."

- Kaili C

What You Receive

>>> Meditation-Inspired Guidance into Your SELF <<<

>>> Guided Meditations + Journal Prompts + Gratitude Practice <<<

>>> Weekly 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions <<<

>>> Daily Voice Text Support <<<

>>> Post-Email Coaching Session Recordings <<<

Into Your SELF, Create Your Reality

Your Investment in Six Weeks to SELF is $555

Payment Plan Offering $288 x 2

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