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Your Private Restorative Meditation Session inside of MFR Wellness, Forest or from the comfort of your own home through Zoom. Guided in meditation, landing in the now moment. To come back to centre and remember the slowing that exists in the stillness.

An experience for you to fully receive.

Schedule one session or consecutive sessions weekly/bi-weekly/monthly.



Words of Love

"Meeting you every week is like medicine for my soul."

 - Cat

"It was the most blissful time I've had to myself in awhile. My breath became its own entity,

doing exactly what it needed to do. The deep relaxation felt like an entire body buzz."

 - Monica

"I didn't know what to expect. I'm high strung and always in fast forward. After my first session with Kim

I felt truly relaxed, very grounded and at peace."

- Dennis

"Slowing down to breathe has changed my life so much. I never thought something so simple would make such a crucial impact on my wellbeing."

- Alicia


An intimate Private Guided Meditation Session, holding space for a deeper connection through the breath in a safe and supported space that nurtures and strengthens the relationship.

Connect privately via email to

to schedule this exclusive offering.

Words of Love

"Yesterday evening, Eric and I had a partner meditation with Kim. I realized again how deep my desire is to free my breath more, to be more aware of my holding it in place at times, and to allow my breath to move my body like it will when I let go.

Kim guided us there. A beautiful experience."

- Brooke


A soulfully connected Private Guided Group Meditation Session experiencing the power of the breath in collective energy. A unique experience with friends, colleagues, a retreat collaboration, a birthday celebration... to name a few possibilities. Landing inside of and sinking into something new.

Connect privately via email to

to schedule this exclusive offering.

Words of Love from Private Experience

"My sisters and I get together and try to do something new each week. I emailed Kim and booked our very first Private Meditation session. We were excited about this new experience and Kim was fantastic! Her energy and warm welcoming had us feeling calm and comfortable. Her voice and words of direction in teaching us how to find our breath guided us to feel a calmness and clarity of the mind. We left feeling peaceful and grounded. It was a wonderful experience that I would highly recommend." - Amy

Words of Love from Exclusive Experience

"I want to let you know how amazing

I felt Sacred Circle is. I feel like I struggle

with feeling like I belong sometimes until

I really know people, but I felt so welcome

and no judgement. Everything felt so intentional

and I can't get over how things have

seemed to flow since then.

I want you to know how much what you do matters."

"The connection and energy of the collective

holding space is unlike anything!"

"When you lead me and the group in

meditation I can get with my breath

so much quicker than I can by myself.

I'm in it faster. I'm here for it.

I go so much deeper and just get

so much more out of the experience."

"The experience was

EXACTLY what I needed."

"I can look back at how far I've come,

and feel grateful for the support of Circle

that has played a huge role in my growth."

"Words cannot describe the beauty of
the other evening. The reminder to
pause, breathe and release.

It had been almost two years

since I gathered in person with Kim.

She has a gift. WE are a gift."

"As always, the energy that connects us

and the space we hold for one another

is almost everything. There's a knowing

that we've come into a safe and
non-judgmental space, free to speak and feel and breathe and relax and just be,
as we are in the moment."

"Thank you for the beautiful, welcoming

and nurturing experience. I will be back."

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