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Mastermind for the                             Woman


You are Already Brave.

Brave to Get Still.

Brave to Breathe.

Brave to Be in Discomfort.

Brave to Surrender.

Brave to Lead Yourself.

Brave to Do the Work.

Brave to Have Awareness.

Brave to Be In It & Move Through it.

THIS is your Next Level Brave.

Welcome, to Brave

the Mastermind

An exclusive and sacred container for collective growth and expansion. For the woman who leads herself into deep connection and lives her life with intention and desires deeps connection with other women.

Where every woman brings her whole self and experience ... Where you give and you receive. Create and build lifetime connections.High-Level Mastermind is build on leadership and community. A container where you will show up for yourself and one another and the do the work in real time. 

The vibe - Calibrating to the high vibration and energy of the women you surround yourself with. You see the truth of one another, and peel back the layers to reveal your truest most authentic self and BE in alignment with the truth you desire for your life.

What can you expect?

This is for you if yuo desire...

How you receive...

The Impact....

What you receive?

WEEKLY Mastermind Calls (Three Months Minimum) that sway from focused to open , unwavering in shifts and transformation.

90 minute Mastermind on Zoom (Recorded and emailed) for forever access

Connection and Integration between Mastermind through voice/video/text

Access to the Breathe - the Sisterhood (Value $222USD)

PLUS 1 x One-on-One Session each month (three total) (Value $432USD)

It's time.

Welcome Home, Brave Sister.



This price is for your three-month minimum within the Mastermind.

(payment plans available)

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