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Take a deep, grounding breath

right now, Sister. Let yourself land.

Right here, with your breath, in this space of slowing. Mmmmmmm.

Maybe it feels familiar,

but it's been a really long time.

In this private experience I get to

see you, meet you where you are

and hold space for you here. Act as a

guiding light on your life + soul

journey on the way back to center,

to love, to truth, to you, back home.​


"Leading up to our private session I had been anxious and was trying

to sort some things out and sort through the reasons I felt the

way I did. It felt messy and chaotic.

You helped me find clarity.

Helped me find a why and allowed me to feel what I needed to through the messy or disorganized thoughts. The process that leads to the

messy beautiful. I felt

such peace after our session.

It really gave me a new, calm, focus."

Let's breathe you back.

Leading you to Shift & Land.

In-Person or Virtual Presence.

Weekly private coaching

sessions over four weeks.

Plus Telegram Coaching Support

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