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"We believe in connection, loving kindness, a grateful heart and honouring our true self. Through Creative Mindfulness we can teach the power of positive thinking and self empowerment. The I AM Empowerment Project gives youth the space to be themselves, to create freely through art and connect with themselves through meditation.


We show them that meditation is a natural state of mind. It enhances their learning memory and self awareness, their emotional balance, power of attention, creativity and above all their sense of inner peace. It makes them better at being all of the great thing that they really already are."

Kim McConaghy

Kim McConaghy is a wife the mama of two boys, Ryker and Kohen and an Empowerment Coach and the Co-Creator of the I AM Empowerment Project.

"I'm so passionate about introducing our youth to meditation and mindfulness, helping them understand the value of it in their own lives and allowing them to really love it. To use these tools to help guide them through life." - Kim

Dayna Dekroon

Dayna Dekroon and her husband are farmers raising their two daughters, Hayley and Peyton. Dayna is the Co-Creator and Creative Director of the I AM Empowerment Project. 

"We teach youth that tapping into their creative side can improve our mental wellness plus reduce stress and anxiety. It can boost self-esteem and encourage the feeling of self-pride, give an outlet to express themselves and encourages new ways of thinking and problem solving." - Dayna

Our Story

Our paths collided and we immediately bonded through our own personal journeys in mental health and we continue to lift one another up and support each other as we grow into the best versions of ourselves.

Very shortly after we met, we were inspired to teach our own children and youth in our community the life tools we wish we had when we were younger. We didn't waste any time to host our first creative mindfulness workshop in March, 2018 and have since launched what is the I AM Empowerment Project.



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