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For the Woman Ready to Breathe & Connect

the Connected Collective

where you take your first breath, on purpose, where you begin. where you begin to experience what it feels like to be in connection with yourself and the energy of other women. Same time every week on Zoom. No recording. Not available for in between connection. Women can make that on their own.

What if you belonged to a community of women holding space each for themselves and one another. 


Welcome Sister, to the Connected Collective

A container that holds space for deep connection as we dive into focused life topics.

Where you give what you can and receive what you need.

Where women breathe and shift and grow and thrive, together.

This is for you if you desire community, connection, belonging and personal growth.

This is a sacred, safe, supportive and loving community created for connection and transformation. Created for you, for an empowered Sisterhood.

Here's What You Receive:

A Monthly Coaching Topic (Topics to date: Connection, Surrender, Intentional Life, Boundaries)

Weekly LIVE (recorded) Coaching within Community via Zoom that Breaks Down Month's Topic

Guided Meditations to Deepen into Integration

Your Space in Meditation Circle within Local Community

Opportunity to Invest in Mastermind & One-to-One Coaching

Here's How You Receive:

By subscribing to the Connected Collective, you've made a commitment to show up for

yourself and your Sisters to deepen the support and growth for yourself and one another.

You Belong Here.

Welcome Home

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