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Kim McConaghy is a Meditation Guide and has been leading Circle within her local communities for years with the intention to create connection for women ~ Connection to themselves and to one another, with permission to just BE, to take an intentional breath, ground in stillness and be HELD in a safe, loving and supportive space.

"Meditation has been the catalyst for the way I show up for myself, my life, the people I love, my community and the world. Connecting to my breath, in the stillness of the present moment, takes me out of my head and into my heart. It calms my mind, relaxes my body and awakens my spirit. I am most in heart and on purpose guiding you home, into true connection with yourself and human connection with one another.

You are welcome here,

Kim xo"

Outside of Circle, Kim leads and guides women one-on-one and within group coaching containers,

in her own retreats, within other's retreats, in workshops, virtually, for entrepreneurs, within workspaces,

community and networking events, as well as in unique settings such as private Circles for

mother and daughter, girlfriends (the new girls night out and I'm here for it!) and for healers

within wellness spaces and other women who hold so much space in their work.


Connect for your own intimate experience or grab your space within an upcoming Circle or Retreat!

What women in Circle are saying...

"I love you. We love you. You are a gift! We are so so so so thankful for YOU sharing your beautiful gift with us. THANK YOU my gorgeous friend. I'll be forever grateful for our friendship and collaborations. Keep shining your magic Kim. The world so desperately needs you."

- Lisa Craig, Yoga Teacher + Owner of Inner Dawn Yoga

"Honestly, so powerful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Something I will remember for the rest of my life." - Cassy Grana, Yoga Teacher

"You have been a true gift to me Kim. To so many others and more to come. What you do is so powerful and I cannot wait to continue sharing space with you. THANK YOU for being part of my journey and guiding me." - Ashley Smith, Yoga Teacher

"So much love to you and all you do. You've been a big part of my journey." - Cara Reis, RHE & BIE

"Your voice has such a calm to it. You take us to a whole new realm. Relaxing and such love!"

"Your voice is very comforting and your words are very powerful. You project love and inspiration."

"Peaceful. Enlightening. Educating. Awareness-Building. I felt a sense of being called forth to take ownership of my state of being. You have a strong sense of leadership, yet projected in the more gentle and caring way. You are truly authentic and professional, warm and spacious. Just writing this makes me feel more grounded!" - Krista McCann, Personal Coach

"That experience... it was just a whole thing and I was just thinking about you, wishing I could have you with me all the time."

"... just wanted to tell you that was awesome. I’m so glad I came. I felt so comfortable and it was very relaxing and your voice is so calm and gentle. Thank you for being such a positive light in our community and my life!"

"Love that we have this in our community. This experience was so EXACTLY what I needed."

"I invited Kim to lead Circle for the raw food, plant based retreat I hosted in September and had the pleasure of participating. Much to my surprise I was able to be in the moment, let go and feel. I experienced tears, clarity and that feeling ‘that I am enough’. Sometimes we get so busy & wrapped up in life or the rat race that we don’t stop to ‘just be’ and feel and know that we are all just doing our best. I really loved the meditation circle with the group of ladies. I’m not usually a ‘sharer’ but this time I felt the need to share in circle amongst a beautiful group of ladies with no judgment, only pure love & support. I will be doing this again (hopefully more often) and highly recommend it ”

- LeeAnn Powers, Completely Rooted

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