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Private One-on-One Breathwork Sessions unfold inside

of My Soul Haven in Forest, ON or virtually through Zoom.

Holding you through the power of the

Conscious Connected Breath to support your journey.

















What is Breathwork?

An active meditation that shifts our state of consciousness and supports our full mind, body and spiritual wellbeing with experiences of release, clarity, relaxation, transformation, healing and awakening. Breathwork is a liberation of stagnant energy, the weight of all we hold in the body released through the breath into the spaciousness of a deeper connection to our wholeness.

Bodywork and Energy Work

To encourage you to breathe deeper or come back to the breath if needed, to increase the energy flow in the body, to help you let go of resistance and to surrender, to help access an openness and to support an emotional release or movement of trauma and tension, to ground you into presence if needed. The power of body and energy work brings another layer of depth to the Breathwork Journey in knowing that the physical body and the energy system is connected and in constant communication. Bodywork and Energy Work is offered to support the experience.

The Unfolding of the Experience

Coming into presence, being met where you are with what has been rising for you and anchoring into your intention. Covering the details of the frame of the experience so that you know what to expect and being intuitively guided on your breathwork journey, supported by a playlist created specifically for your experience.

Grounding and integrating with tea and reflection to close the session. Our time together is 75-90 minutes in length, breathing the journey for approximately 45 minutes.


In honour of our shared commitment to support your expansion, sessions are suggested to be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

This allows the breath to do its work in session and for the integration to unfold in the space between sessions -

Both an integral part of your journey.


The Exchange

>>> Single Session  $111 CAD <<<

>>> Three Sessions  $288 CAD <<<

(Saving $15 per session and

to be scheduled bi-weekly or monthly)

>>> Ten Sessions  $800 CAD <<<

(Saving $31 per session, to be scheduled bi-weekly)

Private Group Breathwork Experiences

are offered and arranged through email


A powerful journey of letting go

and expansion through the breath,

within the energy of a conscious collective.


'Wow, I can't express how grateful I am for the incredible Breathwork session I attended with Kim. Initially, I thought it would be a relaxing experience, plenty of breathing, with a chance of possibly falling asleep.  Kim's Breathwork session completely exceeded my expectations and took me on a beautiful, transformative journey.

From the moment I entered the session, Kim's warm and welcoming presence made me feel instantly at ease. Her inclusive and supportive approach created a safe space for everyone involved. I could sense her genuine care and love for what she does. Her personality radiated light and positivity, drawing us all in. During the Breathwork session, I discovered a whole new level of release and freedom. It was a beautiful journey of letting go and allowing myself to fully surrender. With Kim's guidance, I delved deep into my breath, and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I experienced a profound sense of liberation and a connection to something greater than myself, providing a gateway to self-discovery and inner peace. Thank you, Kim, for providing such a beautiful and transformative experience. Your passion and dedication shine through in every moment of the session. I am truly grateful for the light and love you brought into that space. I can see how each time you experience a session, you would be able to experience it at a deeper and deeper level. Can't wait to do it again." Peggy Sloan

"Recently, I experienced my first Breathwork session with Kim. I went in without any expectation, and came out completely blown away. It’s nothing I’ve experienced before. I felt rested, yet energized and reborn. It’s been about one week, and I still feel different - in a good way! I feel my journey has shifted, and this session opened a door that I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait to do it again." Amy Smeekens

"I feel great after that session last night!! Definitely more peaceful in my body and mind. I’ve been reflecting a lot on the fear that came up and have more compassion for myself. This is where the work is now for me. In the body, in the breath. I cannot thank you enough for your gift of holding space and guiding me. Looking forward to our next session. You are amazing." Jackie Davies

"The Breathwork journey still has me in awe.

Thank you for being with me and guiding me through that experience. I’m not sure I would have made it through it without you. I felt like you were right there with me the entire time, saying everything I needed to hear. I am inspired to integrate Breathwork, 110%, into my life to move that energy out of my body. For the first time ever, I felt Breathwork was to accomplish that. It was amazing. I have never done anything like that before and it was so powerful." - Sue Knight

“I have never stopped thinking and I was able to let go and be 100% present. I’ve never experienced Breathwork before and I have no words to describe how incredible the experience was.” - Merle Dyce

"That was wild.

That journey symbolized the last 11 months of my life. I felt a release. I felt strong. Like I can move with confidence in myself after this. Like this is just the beginning. I felt very validated in that experience. I felt very safe. I feel like a new human. Like I know who I am and I'm proud of who I am and this is me. Thank you. You gave me new life. A new outlook.

- Candice Mills

"When you change your breathing,

you change your state.

And therein lays the transformational power

and healing potential of breathwork."

- Dan Brulé from his book, Just Breathe



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