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A Self-Lead Journey for You if...

You know that meditation will shift you
and you know that your life needs it,
but you don't know where to start.
Maybe you've fallen out of a practice you were once committed to.

This is AN INVITATION you'll accept to experience a shift within yourself and witness the impact that the meditation practice, you'll create and anchor into
showing up for, will have on your life.


​Like the invitation I was given and was ready to receive to begin my own meditation journey, this is where you get to begin (or remember) yours, supported
through that first breath and beyond.

The story of how my journey began...

About seven years ago, I was in the right place at the right time with the right person (as it goes) talking about how I wanted to meditate and that I knew I needed it. I had been struggling with my mental health for decades. I said I knew that meditation would change my life,
but I didn't know where to start.


That right person, in the right place at the right time looked at me and said, "I can teach you."

I accepted the invitation to sit with Sheri in her living room the next week and every week for weeks to come. She became my mentor. My practice deepened and I eventually followed the pull to guide others on their journey.

So here we are. Guiding others on their meditation journey since then and now specifically inside of this experience
for you to begin if you don't know how.

So that you can experience  finding your breath for the first time, meeting yourself where you are, breathing to shift back to centre, to still the spiraling, to move back home to yourself.

So this is my invitation to you.

To sit with me and take that first breath into a practice you'll want to show up for every day.

What you receive...

~ Four Weeks of Recorded Teachings
With Guided Meditations ~

~ A Daily Six-Minute Go-To Meditation ~

~ A Mini Q & A to Support your Journey ~

~ 'How to Breathe' - by Belisa Vranich ~

~ A Felt Sense Meditation ~

~ Meditation Playlists ~

~ A Half-Way Pause & Check In ~

~ BONUS: Access to

'On the Other Side of Resistance:

A Meditation Masterclass Experience' ~

All of this in support of the creation of your daily meditation practice.

The exchange is $44

Receiving INSTANT ACCESS to begin your journey into your daily meditation practice.

"Hi Kim! I'm so excited to start this journey with you. I wanted to share what came up for my why - I feel at peace and bliss. I love how you talk about the seasons and how it's important to re-evaulate what works for you. I was definitely in need of that." - Leigh-Ann

"I have been doing the daily six-minute guided meditation. Your voice is super soothing, I could sit with it forever. Thank you for offering this! I need to get out of my head and I really need to change some of my habits." - Katie

Week One - Anchoring

This week you anchor into your WHY with a guided meditation to help you gain clarity on the way you desire to feel within yourself, within this life and in this world. The POWER in this, is the reason you show up every day to breathe. You will also begin to discover and explore the pieces of the foundation you are building for your daily meditation practice and you are encouraged to breathe 'The Daily Breath: Go-To Guided Meditation'.

Week Two - Breathing

In week two, you will learn and experience different breathing techniques, expand into the power of the breath and its effect on EVERYTHING within us and around us and then sink into a guided meditation using the Coherent Breathing Technique that, when breathed consistently over two weeks and on, will change your physiology.

Week Three - Connecting

This week you realize the importance of the connection through the breath to the present moment experience, to the people around us, to life, and most importantly, to ourselves. It all begins here and unfolds from this place within yourself. Creating that connection, through the breath, that brings you back home, to you. The truth of who you are and your experience. The guided meditation this week is called Felt Sense meditation. It's the practice I guide in the deeper levels and containers of my work, that leads to your wholeness through curiosity and wisdom in the body.

Week Four - Integrating

In our FINAL week together inside of this container, we integrate this experience through meditation. In honour of your anchor - your why and all of the pieces of your foundation for your daily practice, your exploration of different breathing techniques and the depth of the felt sense meditation. In honour of you accepting the invitation and your bravery to breathe and your showing up for your daily practice.

By accepting this invitation,

you will be guided through that first breath into the beginning or remembering of your meditation practice, and feel the shift within yourself and the ripple effect on your life. You will create a daily meditation practice that you'll crave showing up for.

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