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1:1 Coaching for the Woman Ready to Rise into the


I see you. I know you. I feel the rise in your soul

to dive deeper into your truth, your self and your life on purpose.

All of this because I rise into a deeper connection with myself and my life, unveiling layer after layer and rising into the next truth over and over and over. I'm here to guide you into the unveiling, lead you into your next truth so deeply. To know you below surface level and coach you there, to move you through the layers more quickly and with the most massive transformation. My work has landed me here to lead you in yours. On the deepest level of awareness, integration and growth. Your call to get real and rise landed you here.

For too long I lived up in my head until I found the power in my breath to drop into the present moment where the truth lives and where I live in alignment. Until we get brave enough to be in the discomfort of the stillness to find comfort in your home there. As our awareness deepens, and we become brave enough to be in it so that we can move through it and land... here, now... in our truth, in this life.


I lead you on this journey.

Three months of deep work 1:1, my energy is with you, with the deepest connection to you,

leading you into the deepest connection with yourself.

Three months of weekly coaching calls that will peel back the layers

and move you into deep connection.

Unlimited voice/text/video messenger holding energy for you and integration

and honouring your journey and celebrating you.


For three months, you get total access to me as your personal coach and...

Your space in Breathe ~ the Sisterhood

Your space in Brave ~ the Mastermind

All Masterclasses and Live Courses

All of this or choose what feels good!

This is for you... Ready to Rise into the Deep and be Fully Supported Along the Way.

Are we aligned to work together on the deepest level?

Let's know for sure that we are in the same energy.

Let's absolutely welcome the KNOWING that we are Sisters

on a soul level, aligned to lead and be lead in this work.

Send me an email to set up a 20-minute Connection Call to







Our work together begins for 3 months minimum

(payment plans available)

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